Water Games Family Event – August 2022


We enjoyed playing different relay games with water, mini shovels, soap, and pool noodles.


Mrs. Emily share a short devotional about clean and dirty water and how that relates to sin in our life and God can only clean us fully.


We had cookies,  juice, and fruit but the adults only ate the fruit. The event ended with a water balloon and water soaker game to make sure everyone got wet before they left😁!




















Mom & Me  – Tea Party – 2015










Dad & Me – Fun, Fish, Food and Fellowship – 2014






















Family Camp 2013 – Gracefield

Each summer Gracefield Christian Camp and Retreat Centre offers a Family Camp for children and adults alike to experience God’s creation and Christian fellowship. Several Knox families have participated over the years, including in 2013 as you can see below.


Mom & Me 1