Knox Outreach Projects

Knox Outreach Projects:

We are supporting 2 projects again this year with a goal of $1,700 each:

ANAMEIWIGUMMIG Fellowship Centre (Kenora Fellowship Centre (KFC)) – Their mission is to: Clothe the Naked; Help the Helpless; Feed the Hungry; Love the Unloved; and Guide the Lost. The KFC is a place for people facing homelessness and poverty to feel safe.  The KFC is a part of the National Native Ministry Council. Although they don’t only serve the First Nations population, they also serve the homeless, those living in poverty, working poor, seniors, and people living with physical and mental disabilities of all ages.  They believe that each person has a chance to heal themselves, and each person has a story to be told.


INUNDO Development – The word Inundo is taken from Latin and means overflow.  Africa is generally regarded as a “poor” continent. However, Africa comprises 20% of the world’s land mass and is rich in all kinds of resources. The vision is that Africa would steward its abundance, and as a result, unleash a tidal wave of overflow to and from the continent. As its mission, Inundo seeks to build capacity in people who become leaders committed to being God’s transformational agents in this world. Inundo values are empowerment; collaboration; development; facilitation; holistic. Inundo is a faith community, a movement, a classroom, and a demonstration. Physically it will look like a model farm based in South Africa and serving leaders from across the continent.  Socially it will look like a network of leaders. Mentally it will equip people to realize their potential and spiritually it will be a sanctuary for renewal and restoration. Inundo is run by a husband and wife team of Daniel and Kerry Wiens. Daniel is an accredited Farming God’s Way trainer with a passion for empowering people to use local resources for transformation, Kerry is Inundo’s communications specialist. She loves to tell transformational stories through her writing and photography. As Kerry Anderson, she was very active in Knox’s Youth Group in the early 90’s.

To contribute, mark your envelopes ” Kenora or INUNDO” on the line marked ‘special’ on your envelopes.

For more information on these projects, visit the Gifts of Change website and look under International Ministries.

Ongoing projects:

Help the Manotick Food Cupboard by donating:

  • Canned Meats e.g. stew, chili, ham, turkey, chicken
  • Peanut Butter
  • Jam
  • Ground Coffee
  • Canned Fruit
  • Non or Low-sugared  Cereals
  • Granola bars, Cookies
  • Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, Mayonnaise
  • Flour
  • Baking Powder
  • Toilet Paper
  • Kleenex

Bring your donations to church and leave them in a box located under the coat rack.

Manotick Outreach

Every year Knox helps prepare Christmas baskets for a few disadvantaged families in our community. During the Fall/Christmas season if you would like to donate an item, please pick up a note from the baskets in the foyer. You can choose food items and/or a gift for a family member. Items need to be returned on or before the third Sunday in December.

Any questions, please contact Marilyn or Brian Schacht through the Church office or in person

• Encourage aboriginal Canadians in the North by knitting warm items including vests, caps and afghans.